Karen Connelly: From Burmese lovers to award-winning writing - Sarah Hampson, The Globe & Mail, October 2009.

Novel Honours Prisoner's Voice

Powerful Debut Novel

Genuine Article - profile in Montreal Gazette.

Interview with Adrienne Phillips - for the lit-review READ.

Article in Reader’s Digest by Chris Tenove - Karen Connelly, Gypsy Poety, October 2006

Interview, 2006, with Isabel Hilton Open Democracy - podcast.

Abridged Conversation with Iranian writer Fereshteh Molavi - from Listen to the Reed, a PEN Canada conversations chapbook.

Interview, 2008,

Interview, September, 2008, with Emily Aspinwall, for the Stark Raven Independent Radio Program—a forum about the politics of prison life—can be heard through three different links:
radio4all site