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My first video ever . . . A Glance in The Change Room, my new novel, on sale the week of April 10, 2017. This book will make you laugh . . . and provoke other physical reactions . . . It was made with a lot of help from my friends, private donors, and Patreon contributors.

What booksellers & other passionate readers say about The Change Room

“Like Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying, updated with marriage and kids, and less fear.”  

--Shelley Macbeth, bookseller, Blue Heron Books

[Referring to the above quotation comparing The Change Room with the Fear of Flying:]


That’s a good description. I would add Karen Connelly’s luscious, poetic writing, deep characterization, plus plot plot plot! ”

“Know who would love this book? Anyone with hot blood in their veins!”

            --tweets by Shelagh Rogers, host of CBC’s The Next Chapter


“The Change Room opens up definitions and breaks boundaries, depicting ordinary lives that turn utterly erotic . . . 

 --Liz Harmer, The Globe and Mail


A revolutionary novel, unlike anything I’ve ever read about the sexual lives of women."

--Alison Watt


“This book sizzles with sexy scenes: what will Canadian literature do now that this gorgeous door has been opened?”

            --Adina Hildebrandt, bookseller, Salt Spring Island Books


“Erotic. Truthful. Cunning. This is the juicy peach of a novel you’ve been longing to devour. Bless Karen Connelly for writing the life of a middle-aged woman with all the lusty bravura it deserves.”

Ami McKay, author of The Witches of New York

In The Change Room, Karen Connelly is at her provocative best.”

Winnipeg Free Press

The Change Room is a book couples should take to bed and read out loud. Never embarrassing or lurid, always deeply arousing, the sex in this book is exquisitely written. . .  More than that, The Change Room directs our gaze to an ancient and fundamental truth: sex is sacred.”  

--- Gail Anderson-Dargatz, author of The Spawning Grounds

Click to see The Change Room Interview on Global

Click to see The Change Room Interview on Global