One Room in a Castle by Karen Connelly


An adventurous, intimate exploration of three different Mediterrenean cultures,One Room in a Castle is a collection of letters, poems, and short stories from Connelly’s sojourns in Spain, France, and, most evocatively, on the Greek island where she has lived, on and off, for more than a decade.

Whether horseback riding in the Basque country or eating an impromptu meal with Gypsies in Avignon, Connelly invites the reader to experience the world in her way, with the eyes and the heart wide open. Written as letters, these vignettes provide a glimpse not only into physical landscapes, but into a journey of the heart. Connelly’s fictional pieces in this book skirt the hem of biography and autobiography, providing entry into the surprising rebellion of a Gypsy woman and a bear in Croatia, an unexpected love affair between two artists, and the curious friendship between a Guardia Civil Policeman and a foreigner searching for her lost sister.

A bestseller in Canada, One Room in a Castle incorporates work written in Connelly’s late teens and early twenties, when she first lived in Spain and France. Rarely does the work of a young writer reach publication in such an engaging, elegant form. 


" An original, genre-defying work of considerable power. "

- Calgary Herald