This Brighter Prison by Karen Connelly


Set in Basque Spain, France, Greece, and her native Calgary, these poems enact journeys of the body and heart with candour and sensuous grace, catching the very texture of human experience. Sexually and morally explicit, vivid, shocking, beautiful, here is a personal and passionate language, unafraid to move to the edge of experience, both of the self and of the world observed. In this book, Connelly probes the other side of sexual passion, the dubious comforts of religion, and various clichés about European life and travel. 


" . . . The poetry of Connelly’s Spanish sojourn is remarkable for its eloquent appraisal of the relationship between poet/tourist and ciudadana. It is the women, however, who stand out in these poems . . . This is surely a voyage within a voyage as far removed from the glamour and splash of the Riviera as one many journey . . . "

- Hook and Ladder, Fall 1993-4


" . . . Out of violent sexual encounters, obsessive longing for lost love, abortion, drug addiction, and suicide, and with candid, flamboyant metaphors and fluid, subjective perspectives, Connelly has wrought searing poetry . . . "

- Canadian Literature, Spring 1996