Performs at Words Aloud 11: Karen Connelly

Karen Connelly performs at the Words Aloud 11 Spoken Word Festival in Durham, Ontario, Canada, November 8, 2014. 

Kingston Writers Fest: Karen Connelly Performs at Page Turner

Page Turners Book Club host Barbara Bell interviews author Karen Connelly at Kingston WritersFest 2010.

Writers' Confessions: Karen Connelly Discusses Writing Memoir

Shot in Toronto 2008. Part of a longer interview from the series WRITERS' CONFESSIONS.

Ideas in Dialogue: Still Points in a Turning World

Anthropologist Wade Davis and author John Vaillant discussed a writer's role in a fast-changing world with Karen Connelly. Published on Aug 5, 2014

Hope For Burma with Zoya Phan and Karen Connelly

Karen activist Zoya Phan and author Karen Connelly talk about having hope for Burma's future in response to a question during their presentation at the Ottawa International Writers Festival Fall Edition 2009. Hosted by Kate Heartfield.

Exchanging Notes: the Interviews, Karen Connelly

The Interviews 2011 with host john miller and author Karen Connelly; Selections from the full interview.

Karen Connelly at Type Books in Toronto

Karen Connelly reads "Contemplation is Mourning" by Tim Lilburn and her own "The Moment" at the Toronto launch of Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems (ed. Nancy Holmes, published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press) at Type Books in Toronto.

Tree Reading Series Featured Reader 14 Sep 10 - Karen Connelly

Take 5 with Karen Connelly

Ghizela Rowe interviewed Karen for the strand; Take 5. Five questions to authors and artists. With a common question we get a personal perspective on what shapes their views.

Karen Connelly at The Other Side of Silence

Writer Karen Connelly reads a letter in support of imprisoned Eritrean writers at The Other Side of Silence hosted by PEN Canada and the department of Arts and Contemporary Studies at Ryerson University.