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OEI Trauma Therapy

OEI, Observed Experiential Integration, is a somatic and neuroscience-informed trauma therapy developed by Audrey Cook and Dr. Rick Bradshaw. OEI integrates traditional talk therapy with a gentle, client-led approach to uncovering and managing different symptoms and life challenges created by PTSD. OEI empowers clients with simple eye-to-brain exercises that can help them to work with their PTSD symptoms in therapy and on their own. Nearly twenty years ago, OEI changed my life, enabling me to establish healthy relationships, set boundaries, and understand my own complicated history of trauma. In concert with my traditional training as a relational therapist, I am certified to practice the first level of OEI. I currently work under supervision with a small number of clients. In 2020 I hope to finish my OEI Level II training.

WriteLife Therapy

In WriteLife, I use traditional Narrative Therapy, mindfulness and breath work, and relational therapy techniques to help clients uncover, reframe, and even reimagine the major events in their  lives, particularly painful experiences with friends and family. WriteLife engages creativity as a conscious healing force; it is a joint exploration between therapist and client.

I offer affordable (sliding scale) OEI and WriteLife therapy in person, by telephone, and online by Zoom and Skype. Please contact me at karen@karenconnelly.ca for a preliminary consultation.


Yes, I still edit work privately—I can’t seem to give it up. I think I will always love working with other writers to develop their manuscripts. I can accept up to TWO more book manuscripts to edit this WINTER: from February on. I prefer to work on relatively strong manuscripts that are past ‘the sentence stage’ of development. These are books (and writers) in need of serious editorial direction but already at a relatively high level of craft.

For others with manuscripts at an earlier stage, I also advise writers through the Humber School for Writers. My next seven month mentorship program there begins in January, 2020.

A Glance in . . . The Change Room, my new novel, on sale the week of April 10, 2017. This book will make you laugh . . . and provoke other physical reactions . . . I hope this is the first of many my friends . . .




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